Atlantic Coast Safe Anchor 5-Year MYGA

with Indexing Options

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Atlantic Coast's new annuity is the first of its kind. Combining the stability and guaranteed returns of a MYGA and the potential for higher returns with an indexing option of a Fixed Indexed Annuity, the Safe Anchor Annuity is the perfect choice for someone looking for the best of both types of products.

As this product launches 7/24, the introductory rates are as follows:

Re-Allocate Annually

6.00% Cap - S&P 500 Annual Point-to-Point

6.00% Cap - S&P 500 Monthly Average

2.25% Cap - S&P 500 Monthly Cap

3.15% - 5-Year MYGA (3.05% in Florida)

Monies can be allocated in the annuity in any percentage desired. For example, on a $100,000 deposit, you could place $75,000 in the 5-Year MYGA account growing at a guaranteed 3.15%, and place $25,000 in a Annual Point-to-Point allocation, hoping to gain a higher return.

Additionally, Atlantic Coast is able to offer such competitive rates as their product is a "no frills" policy. While most annuity products include such features as 10% penalty-free annual withdrawals and accumulated interest withdrawals, you can add such features to the policy for a 10bps or 5bps interest rate reduction respectively.

The Safe Anchor annuity is truly an exciting product and unlike any other annuity on the market today. If you'd like to learn more about the product, or any other annuity on the market, give us a call at 866-868-9294 or fill out the contact form below.

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