Short Term Health Insurance is a great way to receive health coverage when you need it during a period of transition in your life.

You may wish to purchase Short Term Insurance in any of the following circumstances:

  • You missed open enrollment for ACA (Obamacare) coverage and are not eligible for a Special Enrollment.
  • Waiting for ACA or similar coverage to begin
  • Looking for coverage to bridge the gap until Medicare begins
  • Turning 26 and coming off of your parents insurance plan
  • Between work or waiting for coverage from work to begin

Most short-term health plans can only be held for a limited period, such as 3 or 6 months.

What are the benefits of short term health insurance?

  • You can receive health coverage in as little as 24 hours after application.
  • Premiums are cost competitive (generally lower) than individual health plans and health plans found within the ACA Marketplace
  • Pick your deductible amount from many options
  • Drop coverage whenever you want

Keep in mind, short-term health insurance plans do not cover services such as maternity care, mental health, and substance abuse. Most do not count as the minimum essential coverage that is required to avoid a tax penalty under the ACA law, however, those who maintain minimum coverage for 9 months of a calendar year are not subject to penalty. Those for whom health coverage would constitute more than 8% of their annual income are also not subject to penalty.

If you are interested in a short-term health insurance quote, contact us today using either the contact button on our website or by calling 866-868-9294. We can help you find the insurance plan that fits both your budget and your needs.