Am I Saving Enough For Retirement?


Have you ever wondered: “Am I really saving enough for retirement?”


Do you wonder how your retirement savings compare with others your age?


The average person in their twenties has around $16,000 in retirement savings.

The average person in their thirties has saved about $45,000.

Americans in their forties have median retirement savings of around $63,000.

Americans in their fifties have median retirement savings of about $117,000.

Americans in their sixties have median retirement savings of approximately $172,000.1


You may have saved much more – but have you really saved enough?


You may need to save more for retirement than you realize. It is very common for people to underestimate their retirement savings and retirement income needs. Whether you are 5 years or 35 years away from retiring, you need to be confident that you are doing the right things for financial future – saving enough, investing what you save in a way that is appropriate for you, and managing risks to your savings.  


Now is a great time to check and see if you are on track toward your retirement savings goal. Call me at 727-807-2343 or e-mail me at, so that we may quickly review how you are doing so far. If anything about your retirement saving or investing strategy needs adjusting, is it better to plan those adjustments now than to regret not making them later.