When Is The Solar Eclipse Where I Am?


Solar Eclipse 2017 is almost upon us! For the first time since 1970s, a total solar eclipse will be visible across the contiguous United States on Monday, August 21st.

While all of Florida will not be in the range of the total eclipse, the majority of the sun will be blocked by the moon as they cross paths. In New Port Richey, over 81% of the sun will be covered at the eclipse's peak around 2:40pm EST. 

Follow this handy link to find out when the solar eclipse will be showing in full force where you are. Take advantage of nature's display on Monday, as the next time a total eclipse will reach the United States isn't until April 8, 2024!

Make sure to keep those eclipse glasses on! While it may seem that the sun's rays are dampened as the moon crosses over the sun, you can damage your retinas staring directly at it, even with sunglasses. While it is relatively safe to look up at the exact moment when the moon covers the sun in its totality, this will not happen in Florida, so make sure to cover your eyes.

Eclipse glasses have been selling out all over the country, but you may be able to pick them up still at local retailers like Walmart and 7/11. In our area, the eclipse will start around 1:20pm EST and finish by 4pm.